Wednesday, December 24, 2014

8 People You Should Follow On Twitter

A few rules for this list: no companies, no politicians, no shows, and no hate-tweeting. These twitter accounts are the ones I tend to enjoy the most. They mostly belong to well-known or famous people, because let's face it, even if I have a funny personal friend on twitter, people won't care unless they know of that person. The list is in no particular order.

1. @billyeichner
You might recognize Billy from his show Billy on the Street or season 6 of Parks and Rec. If you don't know him, you should at least watch this great clip from the 2014 Emmy Awards so you can have his voice in your head while reading his hilarious tweets. He centers around pop culture, keeping his tweets snappy.

2. @AnnaKendrick47
Here comes the actress I fell in love with after watching Up in the Air. Clever and self-deprecating, her tweets make me want to be her best friend.

3. @josswhedon
While impossible to really define his writer/director/genius, I am always drawn to his tweets. Sometimes he makes me chuckle and other times he gets me thinking about serious issues.

4. @kingsleyyy
This youtube personality always seems to be yelling while writing his tweets. If you haven't seen Kingsley on youtube, you should watch last year's Overexposed Finale while we all wait for this year's set of 12 videos on the most annoying trends of 2014. While his shouts or "tweets" are often about pop culture, they are just as often about respecting others.

5. @ConanOBrien
I'll be honest, Conan is not my favorite talk show host (that's a whole other post on how great Jimmy Fallon is). His tweets though. They are funny! He also is funny while keeping the language clean if that is something you're looking for.

6. @CSiriano
As a long-time fan of Project Runway, Christian Siriano(Season 4 winner when he was only 21) is still my favorite designer. His sassy personality tends to shine through his tweets, and I always look forward to the sketch of the day because it means I'll get to see something beautiful.

7. @mindykaling
The amazing writer and actor that is Mindy Kaling writes some great tweets for the world. She's a thoughtful feminist who doesn't take herself to seriously.

8. @TheEllenShow
Love this lady. There's no way I'm going through life without following her. She posts everything from fun videos to sweet shoutouts to celebrity friends on their birthdays. Her jokes on #ClassicJokeWednesday and #ClassicJokeFriday are the best.

9. @Miss_beccabecca
Didn't see this one coming did ya? Looking at my twitter account, there are some good tweets mixed in with quite a few OK ones, so follow me at your own risk. If you want to, tweet me or comment below on who are your favorite people on twitter, famous or otherwise!

Friday, December 19, 2014


I'm finding myself in a major need for inspiration and motivation! Fingers crossed for more posts and less time where I'm tired! Here we go.....

Find more quotes on my Pinterest board, inspired with words.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Lovely Links (winter edition)

I've been nonstop listening to this mashup of popular music in 2014

Taking 2 ideas from this Gift Guide for Her Under $50

The cuteness of this new Christmas song by The Killers and Jimmy Kimmel is unreal

How to get curls in 5 MINUTES from a curling iron!

there's just something about this amazing song

meghanrosette does the best morning/night routine videos- love this Winter Holiday Edition

Like these photos? They are current favorites taken from my Pinterest!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Insta-Becca: World of Time

Loving this color polish from Revlon for which I've been getting lots of compliments

Love Lupita on the cover of this month's Glamour giving me some inspiration to wear winter white with dangly silver earrings.

Obsessed with my new watch that has a map as the face. Apparently you can also find it at UO.

Oscar Wilde, reminding me to be carefree because life is good.

A favorite photo I posted of my past roommate and I on her birthday. This photo of us was framed in our college apartment, which she now has. We met studying abroad and loved this trip our class took to Italy. We were roommates for the next 2 years.

For more photos and inspirations, visit my Instagram account. I post photos daily that don't always make it up on the blog.

Have a great rest of the week- do something creative!

Monday, November 17, 2014

My Christmas Wishlist 2014

Christmas Lists have been part of my holiday routine for as long as I can remember. I also make a birthday list every June. I don't do this out of selfishness, but out of courtesy for my family. Every member of my family kindly makes lists for each other at Christmas so that we are able to get ideas for gifts. Even when I was in elementary school and received a birthday party invitation, you bet my mom had me calling up the birthday kid and asking them what they wanted for a gift.

In more recent years, I've gotten bored with just making a simple list. I've made several powerpoint presentations, some with pictures and music, which I've emailed out to my family. I've also made a Prezi and several extravagant lists that were two pages long with colorful ink scrawled all over the paper. This year is the first time I've had a blog, and since I love sharing my gift ideas for others, I thought that it would be nice to share the gifts that I would like for myself.

1. Beautiful holiday limited edition All That Jazz Brush Set by Sonia Kashuk
2. It by Alexa Chung, where the former model gives photos, tips, and inspiration
3. Bath bombs from Lush, particularly fun ones like this and this
4. Cactus garden or several small cactus plants, I'd love some mismatched little ones
5. Naked2 Basics Palette by Urban Decay, a nice addition to my Naked Basics Palette
6. The Forest Feast by Eric Gleeson, simple vegetarian recipes in this artsy and practical book
7. Book Riot Subscription Box sends a package of books and bookish stuff every three months

There you have it! I try to keep the prices on my gifts pretty reasonable, which ups the chance that I might get more than one on my list! Now of course, I don't expect all of these gifts, because some of this can serve merely as inspiration for something I haven't thought of. Even after all these years of making wish lists, I still manage to be surprised on Christmas morning.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fun Fall Favorites

This fashion video is the best I've seen all year. And I would actually wear all the outfits myself.

The Blind Audition of the artist I'm rooting for on The Voice. This season is my first time watching the show.

I enjoy watching people get scared by haunted houses and fun pranks as much as Ellen Degeneres. Hilarious.

Happy to discover this YouTube channel that lists the sins committed in movies, whether they are cliches, or lines that don't make sense.

In love with this fall outfit. Tonya has inspired me to wear more hats.

A sneak peek behind the scenes at season 4 of Girls. I'm not sure I can wait until the spring.

Really want to try this trifecta braid because it looks beautiful and easy.

Surprised how much I like this song from a blues/gospel singer. If you saw the episode "Slabtown" of this season's The Walking Dead (the one with Beth), you'll remember it from the end of the episode.

All of the photos are some of my favorites that I've recently pinned on my Pinterest.

Any small or fun favorites you guys have? Let me know about any funny videos, songs, recipes, or outfits you're loving!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Insta-Becca: Apologies and Puppies

Whew! I've been gone for a week! I won't make a habit of doing this, so you can be sure that I will be posting at least 2 posts each week in the future. Sorry guys.

Life got a bit hectic and crazy last week, with me starting my second job, which gives me many more hours than my other part time job as well as a huge charity event I helped with over the weekend. Instead of just working 12 hours a week, I'm now adding 30 more onto that. Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy about being able to work and pay off my student loans, but I'm just getting used to planning my blog posts and how I can spend my free time.

I've spent some time today making plans for future posts, and so I'm all pumped up about adding some fun content on Wednesday! Stay tuned, and get ready for the weekly Insta-Becca post!

I had pre-ordered the T Swift album and have been happily listening to it ever since! My favorite song is I Know Places, as well as Bad Blood and All You Had To Do Was Stay.

Engagement card made out of reclaimed wood I sent to a best friend from high school who loves animals and cutesy things.

Dressed as a Devilish Duo with Abby as we handed out candy on Halloween night. Highlight of the night was when a 2 year old girl hugged Abby after getting some candy.

Proudly displaying my love for Lena Dunham after I bought her new book. I used to think she was a bit of a weirdo, but ever since the great season 3 of Girls and reading up on interviews with her, I've changed my mind and now see her as a hilarious, wise, and fun feminist. I've only made a small way through the book so far since I've been busy, but it's already an amazing read!

How to up your autumn decor game like Anthropologie: don't just display wheat, display sparkly wheat.

Helping my sister dog-sit this adorable Mini Aussie, Miles. So much fluff and joy!

Follow me on Instagram for more photos each day!

Have a great week!

Friday, October 31, 2014

5 Movies to Watch on Halloween

Over the last two years, I've begun to appreciate movies in the horror genre. I tend to gravitate towards movies that don't so much leave you cowering in your seat from fear, but keep you puzzling until the end. I love more of the psychological thriller side of the horror genre (think Shutter Island) over the movies with supernatural or evil spirits (think Paranormal Activity). Even so, I follow a YouTube channel that does reviews on horror movies as well as the show Just Seen It that reviews all movies (including horror) that you can watch on Hulu for free. I'm always interested to see if there are any new and thrilling horror movies out there.

Last year, I spent nearly the entire month of October watching horror movies and got really into the Halloween spirit. This year, I haven't been feeling it as much, but while deciding on what movie to watch today since it is Halloween, I came up with a list of 5 great options. As a bonus, I only chose movies that are on Netflix, so you can watch them too!

1. The Nightmare Before Christmas

In this animated story by Tim Burton, Jack Skellington, King of Halloween Town, decides to take over Christmas and kidnaps Santa. He sings some great songs in here as well. I'd say this is the least scary movie on this list, but it is appropriately creepy with Tim Burton's odd characters. It is also Halloween-themed, but can also be watched in between the Halloween and Christmas holidays.

2. Scream

This meta film is a must to watch if you're staying in on Halloween, because that means you can have a marathon with sequels 2, 3, and 4 (although 4 hasn't made it to Netflix yet). The movie tells the tale of a murderer who dresses up in a scream mask and robe as they terrorize a girl in high school by killing everyone she knows. The movie turns the genre on its head by making fun of horror cliches and having the characters themselves discuss what the killer would do in the movies. You'll be laughing while also wondering 'Who done it?' Plus it's always fun to see old-school Drew Barrymore in the beginning of the movie.

3. Devil

While I tend to not like movies dealing with supernatural evil, this thriller puts a religious spin on things that makes it exciting. Five people are trapped in an elevator and Detective Bowden (played by Chris Messina aka Danny from The Mindy Project) has to help get them out quickly, because one of them is the devil in disguise. How it all starts as well as the ending are both interesting and amazing.

4. The Cabin in the Woods

I've mentioned this film before in my Top 10 Movies on Netflix post. Similar to Scream, the movie makes fun of its own genre. It starts off with 5 friends, all horror character stereotypes, visiting a secluded cabin. As events continue to unfold, it becomes clear that there is a conspiracy behind all of the bad things happening to them, as well as people in all other horror movies. Also, it's worth mentioning that in the last 10 minutes, an unexpected star shows up, making the ending even cooler.

5. You're Next

If Scream isn't serious enough for you but you still want a slasher flick, this is a good pick. A girl goes to her boyfriend's family reunion and has to help defend them when a gang of men in animal masks try to kill them. I enjoy the girl power aspect when everyone is surprised to see this shy woman has great survival skills after living in the Outback.

What are you Halloween horror movie picks? I love hearing about people's horror preferences so leave them down below!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Favorite Beauty Gurus on YouTube

During my Christmas break several years ago when I was a sophomore in college, I discovered the beauty community on YouTube. I was stuck in my bedroom, extremely bored, and I went on YouTube to find instructions on how to create a waterfall braid. I found a youtuber, who I'll talk more about later, who had a channel with video after video of hair and makeup tutorials. To my excitement, I searched and found many other channels with similar content.

Now it's several years later, and there are many girls with channels on YouTube that have a huge fan base and some have turned YouTube into their full-time job. Seventeen magazine recently came out with a special issue that highlighted YouTube stars, featuring Bethany Mota on the front cover. With many of these "beauty gurus" becoming increasingly popular, I thought that I would list my top 10 favorite girls to watch! I know that I'm going to leave out some great people, but these are just my personal favorites, whose videos I get super excited about watching! They are listed in no particular order.

Sisters Stefanie and Tracy of eleventhgorgeous from Alabama show you how they look beautiful with affordable beauty products (usually from the drugstore). They do their makeup in real time as they talk about products and have fun joking around with each other. While they mainly do beauty videos, they also done a fair amount of hair and fashion videos as well. Some of their best ones are when they unbox subscription boxes like Birchbox and Ipsy and compare them.

Estée of essiebutton is a Canadian living in England who has a passion for makeup, skincare, and fashion. She has a sweet and likable personality that draws you in and her knowledge about great skincare and makeup products will make you stay. She also has a cool, minimalistic sense of style that is refreshing. She also has a great beauty blog!

Meghan of meghanrosette is an actress in LA and she was the first beauty guru I ever found! I searched for a braid tutorial, and found this hilarious, fun, beautiful girl who was just a year younger than me! Being a subscriber after all of this time, she honestly feels like a friend. I love her fashion videos since we have similar styles, and her Monthly Favorites and Get Ready With Me videos are some of her best.

Kayley Melissa of LetsMakeitUp1 is a girl with some great hair and my most recent find on YouTube. Her channel is full of hair tutorials, most of them braids, that look more complicated than they actually are. Girls with hair on the thinner side will appreciate her, since she teaches you tips and tricks on how to get your hair to appear more voluminous.

Ingrid of missglamorazzi is a full-time youtuber who recently moved from LA to New York for a while just so she could be creative and experience life in a new city. She has great beauty, fashion, and easy healthy food videos. She has the cutest girly style and an endearing dorky sense of humor. Girls with oily skin can rejoice, because she tells you what makeup and skincare works for her own oily complexion.

Jenny of MissJenFABULOUS went to art school before becoming a cosmetologist. If you love painting your nails, she will rock your world! She has many nail art tutorials, some of which are for beginners and others that are holiday themed. They are all creative and many of them are less complicated to create than they look. She also does reviews of new polish collections from Essie and OPI.

Nikki of NikkiPhillippi is a former dancer in California who makes videos about fashion, makeup, food, and healthy living. She is happy, outgoing, and has a genuine heart for helping others. She also has an advice channel as well as a vlog channel that I watch. She has a great philosophy on life and is another youtuber who will feel like your friend.

Rachel of RachhLoves is a new mom in Canada who makes lovely beauty, fashion, and lifestyle videos. Her relatable personality and good sense of humor add to her great content. She is another girl who likes a bargain and has a cute, classic style. I trust her recommendations on products since we both have finer hair and a similar skin tone.

Rachel of icallitambrosia is a recent college grad who just moved to Seattle and is someone I found fairly early on as well. She and I are the same age, so it was fun to go through important things in my life, like graduation, and watch her doing the same as well. She is the funniest girl on this list, with blunt reviews on makeup, skincare, and lifestyle items (watch her monthly Hits & Shits videos). The only drawback would be if you don't like cursing, because you'll find it on her channel. I find her candid personality fun and refreshing. She is someone whose reviews and opinions I trust implicitly.

Tess of Tesschristine123 is sweet girl who has great style. She's been doing beauty and fashion videos for years. Her style is a mix of classic, girly, and fun without being too over-the-top. The ones to watch are her Get The Look videos, where she puts a lot of work into finding the exact same or similar pieces that a character or celebrity wears. Want to get fashion pieces worn by Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, and Vampire Diaries characters? she has videos on how to get looks for all of them!

Honorable Mentions: FleurDeForceemilynoel83amarixe

There you have it! These are my 10 most favorite beauty gurus! Now, of course, there are so many more so don't think that I forgot anyone! I was so torn that I had to throw in 3 honorable mentions. There just are so many great girls out there on YouTube giving advice that I encourage you to check these girls out but also look around and find your own favorites. 

I'd love to know, do you watch beauty videos on YouTube? What kinds of channels do you subscribe to? Do you disagree with my choices or did I leave out one of your favorites? Let me know!