Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Family Dinner

This past weekend was very special.  Not only was it Easter, but also my parents had birthdays on both Saturday and Sunday.  I decided to surprise my parents with a trip home by sneaking into my house at 1am on Friday after a long drive home from college.  My dad found me the next morning much to his amusement.  But one question remained: What were we going to eat for Easter dinner?

I've talked about my recent change as a vegetarian (or pescetarian).  My mom had planned on making her classic Easter ham for her, my dad, and my sister.  Thankfully, she hadn't bought the ham yet, and she took me with her to the grocery store where she purchased a salmon.  I loved the end result of our Easter dinner so much that I'm going to share it will all of you.

Main dish: Salmon Sweet Potato Frittata.  It initially seemed so odd.  Salmon with sweet potato?  But it was so good!  And remember, I'm on a mission to try new things and change up what I can in my meals. The sweet potato took away some of the saltiness from the fish and made a yummy, savory frittata.
Side Dish: Rosemary Bread.  While in the bakery section of Kroger, we decided to try something we don't normally pick for bread.  For the meal, mom took slices of the bread, brushed them with olive oil and popped them into our toaster oven.
Dessert: Fruit Salad.  What could be better? Nothing.  Spring/Summer is always my favorite time of year for food because my favorite fruits are in season.  We had pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries.  There's seriously nothing better.
Here's a final look at my plate for our Family Easter Dinner!

Being a new vegetarian is difficult in some social settings where I have to pick around what food I can eat without making a big deal out of things and calling attention to myself.  I'm lucky that I have a family that goes out of their way to support my eating habits even when I show up unannounced.  I've made this dietary change for myself, and by supporting me, my family is experiencing change themselves, even in the smallest of ways (like a meal).

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Feeling Fancy

Jeans.  They're comfy, casual, and all-American, but they make me lazy with my style.  Since I'm in college, I usually don't spend too much thought over what I'm going to wear the next day.  Especially when I'm in a rush, there's nothing easier than throwing on a pair of jeans and one of my shirts.

So in a rushed day, I might end up looking like this:
Now there's nothing wrong with me looking like this, since it's super comfy, but after wearing the same jeans-and-shirt rotation for a few days I start to get bored.  If I'm bored with the way I look, I don't feel as alert or as happy as I would if I really enjoy what I wear.

When I went home for Spring Break, with no classes and extra time to plan my outfits, I found myself throwing a few skirts into my suitcase.  That week I wore several blouse and skirt combos and I felt happier.  When I like the way I look, I feel more positive throughout the day.

After Spring Break, I started putting together outfits like this:

Outfits like this are still casual, but adding a skirt with a piece of jewelry can change it up and make all the difference.  I've been loving the pairing of simpler shirts with printed or textured skirts.  I usually tuck in the front of my shirts and throw on a cardigan because layering is the best.  And since it's spring now, skirts are the perfect piece to bust out of the closet.