Friday, June 13, 2014

3 Little Things

I love writing on here about the changes I'm making in my life, whether it be in my wardrobe or in my diet.  But sometimes, I'll change something small that doesn't need much explanation but I would love to share with you all.  I still think it's important to post these things, because change doesn't necessarily have to be something big like a meal plan or a style switch.  It can be the tiniest thing you do to make you feel good.

Here are 3 Little Things I've changed this week:

I normally never use bar soap, but I've been using this new bluebonnet soap in a heart-shaped dish next to my bluebonnet lotion.  Both are from Texas Star Store in Abilene.

You've probably seen pictures of nails where the ring finger is a different color.  I've done that, but I've also seen nail like this, with a different color on the ring and pinkie fingers.  I saw it on an episode of  Pretty Little Liars, so of course I had to try it.  Wearing Peaches & Cream and Pink-Finity, both by Covergirl.

I decided to get crafty with my father's day gift bag this year.  Taking inspiration from Pinterest (you can follow me on my Pinterest), I put my dad's gift in a paper lunch sack, made the bow tie from felt, and used leftover buttons on the front. For the card I just decorated it with colored pencils.  I love the way the bag turned out and I hope that my dad will find it charming.