Saturday, March 28, 2015

Easy DIY Easter Cards

Here's another DIY! This one is easy and can be modified with whatever colors and paper that you may like better than my own creation. The gist of this is to put a lot of pretty things on top of each other, although it requires a bit more effort than that. Keep reading for instructions!

You will need:

Step 1: Take the business card (or a small-sized card) and write your "Happy Easter" message using the Souffle Puffy Pens. These look great for Easter cards because after the dry, they fade into a pastel color. See the first picture for when the pen is wet, and the second picture of what they look like dry. These pens especially pop against dark paper, but the effect also works well for the project at hand. I did this design free hand using parts of this stamp as a reference point. If the design seems too daunting, try this one that is still cute but less complex. I ended up making 9 cards for my friends, so I played around and switched up the pen colors every time. Set them aside to dry when you are finished (it should take no longer than 1 minute).

Step 2: Since the light pink A6 cards measure 4 1/2" x 6 1/2", cut out a smaller size of rectangle in the fine paper. You can do any size, but since I wanted to see a lot of the pretty paper, I cut mine by 4 1/4" x 5 1/2".

Step 3: Turn over the cut fine paper pieces and use the tape runner around the edges before centering it and placing it on the flat card. Double-sided tape will also work, but the tape runner is great with getting edges to stay down smoothly.

Step 4: Turn over the flat card and write your message! Since this is an Easter card, I wrote down some nice thoughts for the person, and then ending things with a bible verse.

Step 5: Take one of the business cards you wrote "Happy Easter" on and turn it over. Take zots, removing them the way the instructions tell you in the box, and place them on the edges of the card. After I did a few, I began to put one on each end and one in the middle (so three per card). Then turn over the business card and stick it firmly to the middle of the card.

Step 6: Make as many as you like and carefully place them in envelopes. I chose a color that matched the little business card so that it would tie everything together. Don't forget a pretty sticker on the back to seal everything!

Do you like making your own cards? Tell me your favorite kind of cards to make or receive down below in the comments!

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